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Our Team
Radoslaw Marcinkowski, 

Phone: +41 76 628 15 60

Nuclear astrophysicist. Since his master degree he has always been working exclusively in Space related projects. He is  a specialist in detection of X- and gamma-rays as well as charged particles and neutrons. He also has experience in radiation detection with scintillators and semiconductors. He has spent the last years at the Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI) where he was responsible for the irradiation of electronics at the Proton Irradiation Facility (PIF) as well as for the radiation, EMC, shock, thermal and TVT qualification of electronic subsystems for space missions.

"I have spent hundreds of hours with irradiated electronics, hosted and helped dozens of groups in last years"

Karolina Marcinkowska,

Phone: +41 76 649 40 84

Dear Customers, the following dates: 01.10.21 - 18.10.21 are excluded for shipment. Kindly apologize for the inconvenience. In this time we will process your orders and inquiries and answer your mails as usual. Thank you. 

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