SVOM is French -Chinese space mission developed since 2014. It is devoted to detect Gamma-Ray Burst (RGB) in very wide energy range: visible light ( by Visible Telescope - VT), soft X-rays (by Microchannel X-ray Telescope - MXT), hard X-rays (by ECLAIR) and gamma-rays (by Gamma-ray Burst Monitor - GRM).

Radec participates in tests of detection plain - X-ray sensitive pnCCD - for Microchannel X-ray Telescope (MXT). MXT will observe gamma-ray bursts (GRBs) in the soft X-ray range (energy between 0.2 and 10 KeV). The MXT is being developed in France by CNES and CEA/Irfu, in close collaboration with the University of Leicester in the United Kingdom and the Max-Planck Institute für extraterrestische Physik in Germany.

B. Cordier at al. "The SVOM gamma-ray burst mission",  arXiv:1512.03323


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