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RADEC - Making your technology radiation hardened

RADEC GmbH is a Swiss company incorporated as a spin-off from the Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI). 

Our company has access to the test facilities of the Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI), enabling it to carry our radiation hardening testing that would otherwise be unavailable to industry.


RADEC personnel has many years of experience in space electronic radiation hardness testing using the Proton Irradiation Facility (PIF) and in the other facilities, as well as in the development of Space Electronics and Detection Systems to its credit.

RADEC provides services related to the preparation of radiation tests such as: 


  • Problem analysis, Monte Carlo simulations (computer simulated interaction of radiation with electronics and shielding).

  • Manufacturing of electronics hardware and software that support radiation test campaigns, as well as expert capabilities in the tuning and optimization of required beams such as beam shape, radiation shielding, performing energetic particle flux measurements and optimization operations.


In addition, we provide or help with the analysis of collected data, the evaluation of observation-based conclusions and the drafting of recommendations and final reporting.

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