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Making your technology radiation hardened

RADEC - Ensuring your technology is radiation hardened

RADEC GmbH is a spin-off from the Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI), incorporated in the Canton of Aargau, about 30 km from Zurich, Switzerland.

We utilize high energy particles generated using particle accelerators located at PSI and elsewhere to test existing electronic components and materials for their resistance (hardness) to radiation.


We also offer advice and assistance to help you develop and construct components and subsystems that are radiation hard. We work together with companies involved in creating technologies for space, as well as companies developing terrestrial technology where failure due to radiation must be eliminated.


Our aim is to ensure that mission critical technologies do not fail due to the influence of Radiation.

​If the failure of key electronic and software driven systems within your products would lead to large financial losses, significant image loss, or loss of life, then you should be considering protecting those systems from the possibilities of radiation damage.

Typical industries where this is the case are Aerospace, Aviation, Space, Military, Auto-Industry (Self Driving Cars), Power Industry (Power distribution), to name a few.


Key questions that you should be asking yourself:

How long will my systems survive in environment full of radiation?

How many failures per year can I expect due to radiation?

Is my technology safe here at sea-level (normal terrestrial use)?

What problems should you expect? (What will failure look like?)

How to improve your electronics and make them more reliable?

How to make your electronics and software self-healing?

Is it possible to make existing radiation hardened equipment significantly cheaper?

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